Im the demanding customer, your Dominos Pizza, I will make you Cum in 30 minutes or less.

Me: Honestly, I just want to RAPING you. Woman: YES PLEASE! Me: Fuck off its not RAPING it its consensual... Moral: Yeah sometimes they say yes, its when they say no I become shadow made flesh... ...And wait for you... Am I here?... NOPE Ill get you rawr I will now stalk you silently for hours... days... Anyway im bored your nothing ... Moral: SAY YES YOU MUCKING MIDIOT!

- If i could rearange the alphabet i'd puit you and i together. - That's not necessary because N and O are already together.

bitch: I like it when guys punch me. Me: I love it when you shut the hell up and leave.

Does anyone have a toothpick? I need to pick the crabs out of the cracks of my teeth.

Girl:Want to go out this Friday? Boy: No I like to stay inside. Girl: No I mean are you free this Friday? Boy:No Im expencive!

you look like my mother

Grapist: I bet you like getting Graped, tied up and beaten muahahahahaha! I am so gonna do the worst things to you! Woman: YES PLEASE! Man: MAAAAAAAAAAAN your not fun anymore... Moral: Its not grape if she wants it... and I guess grapists dont like that... remember that girls whenever someone is gonna rape you just say YES unless they yell surprise though... then its surprise sex.

Man; Wanna play the rape game? Girl; No Man; That's the spirit

Did it hurt when you fell from the whore tree and banged every single guy on your way down?

-Good afternoon miss, would you care to try our new line of perfume? -Sure what's it called? -Chloroform...

Man: Hey, I've been kinda watching you through the night and I'd really be mad if I didn't talk to you tonight. So um, do you want to grab a bite to eat sometime or something? Woman: I'm married but you seem like a nice guy so yea... yea, I'd like that alot.

Is that a mirror in your pants? We should have sex immediately.

Male: Paper or plastic? Female: What? Male: Paper or plastic, you know, to put over your head.

Man - "Does this smell like chloroform to you?" Woman - "Yes it does."

if I could re-arrange the alphabet, I'd put my dick in your ass

Guy: Do you have a mirror in your pocket... Girl: Why? Because you can see yourself in my pants, I've heard that before. Guy: No, I want to check how I look before I go over and talk to your sister.

Man: Put your face over my fist as I say shinku Woman: Huh? Ok whatever.... SHOOOOOOOOOORYUKEEEEEEN!

Man - How was your trip from heaven? Woman - Great... until now.

my girlfriend is really insecure about her weight so much so that I'm thinking about detaching the reverse alarm

imgonna r@pe you

Woman: Ugh I wish I could remember who you are, I mean you could even have Aids or H.I.V... Man: Hey yo don worry, Dogta tol `d I am positive so thats that Moral: The H.I.V awareness group was a message: We will go literally f/ck ourselves to death have a nice day.

You look like one that does not charge for sex ;)

Are you on your period, because there's a blood stain on your pants

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