Man enters a bar... ORIGINALITY FOR THE PEOPLE! Man: Hey, wanna go to my place later? Woman: Ok Ronald McDonald but you gotta take of your costume first and... Man: What costume? I am Michael Ja.. Moral: Stop it right there! Its too early for jokes about uh... Michael J Fox... yeah him yeah... lets keep it that way...

- How do you like your eggs in the morning? - Unfertilized !

- I'd like to call you. What's your number? - It's in the phone book. - But I don't know your name. - That's in the phone book too.

- Is this seat empty? - Yes, and this one will be too if you sit down.

- Have we met? - Honey, we're not meeting now.

Hey girl, you a single mom I heard, I love that. Really? :D SURE! Hey just between us, how sexy are your kids on a scale from one to over nine thousand? Moral: Watch out ladies, I can only take care of so many of you... (you have kids? Meh, get lost,nothing personal, just you know... your kid)

-Do you come here often? -Yeah, but now that you're here, I think I'll find another bar.

Male-where have you been all my life ? Female-not in it thats for sure Male-i was singing a song i wouldn't want YOU in my life Female-i was singing a song 2 *lies*

man: would u please me with a blowjob girl: cant u be romantic ? man: would please me with a blowjob at the sunset

-Wanna go to my place? -Actually, I was gonna ask you the same question. -Really? Where do you live? -In a sexual harassment class.

Are you from tennessee? Because your inbred and retarted.

so... you're a girl,huh?

Shorts and pants compilation: Hey you a cheap prostitute or just out of my league? Hey mom I just watched some more hentai today and wonder if you would... Why are you screaming? Its just me naked with a boner! According to hentai its completely natural! I mean I am getting to do you when I turn eighteen right? No? You are a horrible mother! I am so telling dad you wont give it up! Bitch, you like men that beat you up while fucking you? You do? Oh, my! This is like too freaky too me! *runs out girlie screaming* Dad, I watched some other hentai today and, I wonder if you... Moral: *Pants*, there you go.

B: Hey C do you wanna go out with me? C: Sorry B I only go out with guy's who come after me

He: Did you fall from Heaven? She: Well... He: 'Cos I got an erection. She: -__-

-I know you want to ask me out. I am free anytime. -Ok, then go out.

Monday went by and he didn't see her Tuesday was the same Wednesday came and the swelling had finally gone down for him to make his wife out

Male: Want to hear a story about my d--k? Nevermind, it's too long. Female: Want to hear a story about my vagina? Nevermind, you won't get it.

Are you being followed because i've been see someone behind your back!

guy: you're so beautiful, did you fall from heaven? girl: if I was I would be dead by now hun?

A: Wanna go get some pizza and then have sex at my place?? B: No.. B: U don't like pizza? Some chinees then?

Roses are red, Violets are blue, I was born beautiful, But what the hell happened to you!

Woman: Quit staring at me and undressing me with your eyes! Man: I was just imagining you in a tasteful outfit.

You're so hot I'd do you sober.

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