- So what do you do for a living? - I'm a female impersonator.

- If I could see you naked, I'd die happy. - Yeah, but if I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing.

He says "Where have you been all my life" She says "Hiding from you....how the hell did you find me?"

- So, wanna go back to my place? - Well, I don't know. Will two people fit under a rock? -That depends on the size of the rock. -You don't really get it, do you? -Get what?

-Can I have your name? -Why? Don’t you already have one?

-I looked up beautiful in the thesaurus today and your name was included. -Thanks! Hey, I saw your name next to jerk.

-- Hey, can I have your number? -- 12

Sorry, I don't wanna date a guy who's best pickup line is cocaine.

Im the demanding customer, your Dominos Pizza, I will make you Cum in 30 minutes or less.

Guy: Hey, cutie! What's your name? Girl: JOHN CENA.

Batman bravely leaps in front of the Robin: Bats: WATCH OUT FOR THAT GAY-RAY! *Bats suddenly grabs Robin and starts making out with him* Bats: I am sorry, I cannot stop it... I... Robin: I am underage so maybe it was a pedo-ray or something... Joker: What gay ray? What pedo ray? It was suppose to disintegrate you! But whatever, I win. Moral: It was a looong trip back home.

Like my status for a tbh? Cause to be honest you are the prettiest girl I ever met ;) Like MY status for a tbh? cause to be honest, thats old and No one gets on Facebook. Twitter all the way :p Oh did I say prettiest? I meant b*tchiest you are horrible at comebacks. So your dumb too! -__________-

I'm a vegan thats why I am still a Virgin.

Hello I am a violent rapist, oh wait I meant to say my name first and the other much later... Moral: its official you suck!

-Your feet must be tired 'cuz you've been running through my mind. -Yea, I was running away from you.

knock knock. whos there. interupting cow. inter... mooo!

-You wanna get laid tonight? -You wanna never have sex again?

Did it hurt when you fell from the whore tree and banged every single guy on your way down?

you know what rhymes with hug me LET'S HAVE SEX

He: Will we have sex tonight? She: Yes, only I don't know with who you will.

This is what Nero calls for his "destroyer" not sure if I should consider that flattering, he thinks so anyways, he just wants to say, that why the fuck are people suddenly scared of looooooooooooooooooooooong messages on the interbewbs. "No leave it be, interbewsbs sounds prefect" Nero The Hero "FINAL FRESH" What Nero And Vagina shouts? :)) Something is off here but he has passed out again :)) "God woman, you suck at pop cultural quotes" Nero, the fucklord (omg, he is crazy, gotta love this guy) "thanks" Nero the grateful. "I Ask you if you know who I am by saying "ITS ME MARIO and you still do not know what name is? THe red plumber Nintendo HIS NAME IS MARIO!?" Nero The (fucking annoyed at me) :)) Sorry guys just having fun. "THOU SHALL NEVER APOLOGIzE FOR THE WORD OF NERO" -Nero insists, I mean the LORD OF DARKNESS INSISTS "Can we fucking stop making quotes of me now? All the girls are laughing at me, WHY AM I SO DEFEATED!" Last quote added without his consent

Hey Clarkson, you know about this pointless invention Named Nero The Moral man? Clarkson: No. Nero: No. Is this because horsehead network sucks? Clarkson: Yes. Nero: WTF AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE! Oh yeah I am fucking it away... Fuck me, every girl around me just ends up completely fucked.... ;)

Hello my name is Horny and... oops... I got it wrong didn't I?

Guy: Can I have your number ? Girl: We are six.

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